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Site Started  25th October 2003.- Now  Revision No.92                                       Date of last updates 27th May 2015

 Malaysian Birds

  Birds photos, videos, bird calls & information on Malaysian birds


This site has volumes of pictures and write-ups in birds. I am not an expert on birds but just someone who likes watching birds and understanding them better - than just mere watching. Then as for those many pictures of Malaysian Birds I posted up? Here I must also mention that I don't qualify as a "nature photographer" at all. The pictures are not outstanding. The equipments or cameras that I used and am using now are entry level stuff. I merely record what I saw and then love compiling them

Yes, I had spent lots of years in the field plus accumulating tons of pictures. Through hard work, the collection are priceless to me. But then they are only meaningful to me. I know that some day that these information will be wasted and thrown away. To salvage this unfortunate happening, I would find some use for them. I have got the pictures sorted out, add in some text to make them meaningful for sharing. At the back of my mind I recall the early days when I started, so many instances, the crying out for guidance. Now I wanted those interested in birds to have some pointers to sustain their interest.

 Each person has their own idea of how information is best presented. This is my way.

A - Z list - Yes, individual birds pictures of Malaysian Birds - arranged for easy search. Here are pictures, Video clips and bird calls of individual birds


Family Album by groups  - Malaysian Birds search page reorganized according to their habitats. This is a voluminous section in which I have completed the  compilation of 65 families of birds with over 3,000 pictures in 800x600 size


Video Clips - Also view my collection on You Tube. To date I have 913 clips covering 300 species of Malaysian birds


Birds Calls - frequently heard in Malaysian parks, gardens and forest edges



Some background to this site:-

This page on Malaysian Birds was started by me on 28th October 2003 supported by a free web page provided by  Geocities. As time passes Geocities changed hands and the new owner then decided to charge while the free websites facility withdrawn. I retained my site and continued with them on  a paid basis. Then came one more round of take over and this time, Yahoo decided that the annual rentals be increased. I left them and found a better partner. I

In 2011, this bird site under the new URL "Malaysian Bird" was started and it took over the old contents. Slowly I started the revamping exercise to give the many pages a new look. Sadly that effort was not sustained and  was interrupted. I got myself working as an actor in end 2011. One thing led to another, by the time the movie was completed I went on with another project to finish a book on "The Story Of My Life". After 3 revisions the book was published in July 2014.

Here in the last quarter of 2014, I am back to tidying up the big mess that I once launched. First trimming down and deleting many unneeded images and duplications. The total number of images to date is brought down to below the 10,000 pictures.  Bird List for many locations and stories on nesting birds, all these were taken off.


Translating my efforts into websites all by myself, lots of areas needed correction. I seek your assistance- tell me about discrepancies and irregularities