On these various encounters, the birds seen were always in middle storey and some distance up. It would stay for a while and would change its perch. But never flying off or out of sight. I had a lucky encounter when the bird was nesting in some undergrowth just besides the road. This was a lucky break of having the bird real close and getting respectable quality  pictures. On many tries, the parent then ascended to middle storey and then down again to lured us away.  The nest was hardly a meter from the forest floor.

The bird's natural habitats are tropical, preferring moist lowland forest and nearing swampy grounds. Such type of habitats is getting scare. Then other report from East malaysia stated that the bird was sight at 1,650 meters in the Kilobit Highland. In Sabah, it only occurs up to 1,200 meters in the Crocker Range.